Fight Burnout Before It Happens

Burnout is hottest new word on the block. If it lands on your lips, you know you’re in trouble – mental and physical trouble that is. Doctors will shake their head at you like a disapproving aunt should you get yourself to a state of burnout and the worst thing about burnouts – you don’t need to commit self-emulation to get one. Usually it creeps on you like that guy at the office you don’t really like to exchange words with, but who considers your friendship as the Holy Grail of social interaction. That’s how a burnout is. So, the common sense dictates the following – don’t get it.

But how do you not get it? Burnout happens to be a form of bad mental STD, though you catch it, if you sleep around too much with your job. Suddenly, your job becomes that needy ex, who doesn’t get the hint and sends you texts at every time of the day, beginning for a second chance. You don’t really get a release, so you feel as though you are never free. Burnout will do this to you, so you need to shake it off and do the following:

Introduce a change. Humans adore routines. I guess behaving like a clockwork mechanism appeals to people, because… pretty. Nevertheless, a routine is one of the fastest ways to get stuck in a rut. Once burnout settles in, your routine goes from convenience to a prison with little chance to escape, so what you need is a big old change. Get a new routine. This will take time to wear off in novelty, but while it feels new, you feel rather different.

Take control over things. Sometimes, you really need to be accountable for your actions. If you feel as though your job has burned you out, then you need to as much as possible to change that. Create schedules. Introduce new activities to do. Even the smallest action to upset these feelings can be helpful. To give an example, think of cleaning before vacating your property. Being a victim to burnouts is like cleaning the whole property on your own and then never receive your deposit back, because you don’t really the means to accomplish this task.

Don’t bring it home. Work can become an addiction. First, you promise you will answer this one work e-mail on your day off, because it’s real urgent, but then you suddenly find yourself arguing with customers late at night when you should be resting or finishing up something you didn’t complete in your office. Time for privacy and rejuvenation. You need to be able to let work stay at the office and focus on yourself when you come home.

I hope you never have to suffer from a burnout, but if you feel like you are, then these tips will certainly help you out.

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