After Builders Cleaning in Bristol

Builders Cleaning in Bristol is a service specially designed to deal with industrial heavy-duty cleaning. After the builders leave, there are usually loads of leftovers behind. This is why professional after-builder cleaners will scrape every single paint stain and remove any concrete piece, dust and grime left – turning a building site into a livable home. We follow a number of safety precautions, plus our predetermined post-construction cleaning plan always works.

Post-Builders Cleaning is a Challenge Because:

  • heavy soiling, glue sticks, plaster markings, and paint splash are just some of the troubles the cleaners will face;
  • the use of industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaners is often a must, plus ladders and scourers are also necessary;
  • safety first: gloves and dust masks are often required;
  • furniture and surfaces must also be protected from scratching, discolouration, etc.;
  • our supervisors will determine the best approach that must be undertaken;
  • the use of heavy-duty cleaning chemicals if needed;

Cleaners Prepared for Tough After-Builders Work

Your Bristol after-builders cleaning will be done to the best effect by Fantastic Cleaners! This is a specially designed service performed by skilled cleaners with a lot of experience in dirt and dust-heavy environments. With these services, clients usually choose window cleaning as well. Contact us by phone or online to learn more or request an inspection.

For post-construction cleaning, it is essential to assess the specific requirements of each property and client. We will find the most appropriate methods to do the job, plus we will suit your schedule and do everything it takes to exceed your expectations.

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