Achieve Ultimate Balance Between Work and Home

Why is Monday the scariest day of the week for so many of us? Because we’re reminded we have to go back to the real world, earn money and forget about fun in the general sense – cause work, that’s why. There’s a pretty good reason why this is. We devote more time and energy on our work and completely ignore the fact there is a balance between your inner and public lives. You can’t give 100% at work, unless you nurture yourself and you nurture yourself when you nurture the balance between private and work life. Many think they have nailed this balance, but the truth is severely different.

I’ll gladly prove my point and ask you – do you have time to exercise? I imagine not. This is the first sign you actually don’t have enough balance in your life. Yes, I know that you may look good even without having an active physical life, but you have to understand the fact that your body charges from exercise and energy matters when you have a 40 hour work week. Trust me on this. An active physical life (either exercise or practice a sport) charges you up and keeps you going without feeling beaten and battered at the end of the working day.

Do you even like your job? Most people feel forced into working something they despise, because… reasons. Why? If you feel trapped, you have to realize you are the one who has trapped you in an unhappy situation. What needs to happen is to really think whether your job satisfies you, despite the stress and should the answer be negative, then I have to say, you need a change of scenery for the sake of your sanity. A strong negative reaction to your job will easily affect you in your personal dealings and honestly, do you want to feel unhappy all the time, just because you have to work.

Course, you might practice a profession you love, but it’s one of those high stress deal where you take in the good with the bad and make the most of it. Well, it still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t draw a line and assume control over your own life. Yes, you can busy and yes, you can bring work home, but you have to learn how to bring home with you every day. What I propose is write things down and prioritize. You don’t need to make a choice between work and life, because you will decide what needs to be done when and you will have complete control over your life. Read for work before bed or as you wait for the washing machine to finish its cycle.

You will still work hard, but your day will certainly bear more structure. 

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