Upholstery Cleaners in Bristol

Professional upholstery cleaning in Bristol is provided by either using the hot water extraction or dry cleaning method. Fantastic Cleaners clean sofas, mattresses, curtains. The upholstery cleaners are knowledgeable enough to determine and utilize the appropriate practice so that your furniture gets back to its best.

Our professional approach always gets it done, so we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee. We also aim to do our job without disturbing your daily routine. We arrive on time, clean in a hassle-free manner, and leave nothing but clean furniture, mattresses, and curtains.

What’s Hot Water Extraction?

Commonly called Steam Cleaning, this method is not concerned with water evaporation. The hot water used for speeding up the reaction with the dirt is boosted by high pressure for eliminating anything that may reside on and inside the fabric. Up to 95% of the moisture is extracted. Before approaching to this method, the cleaners first hoover the surfaces and pre-treat stains. Some benefits from the HWE upholstery cleaning method:

  • Removes dust mites that can cause allergies
  • Removes stains and other settled dirt
  • Improves the appearance of your home

Sofa, Mattress, Curtains Cleaning

The methods used for upholstery cleaning are the same as those used by our professional carpet cleaners in Bristol. At our disposal, we have modern machinery, which combined with an experienced operator means you will be getting your sofas, mattresses, and curtains completely clean – just like coming out of the washing machine.

The mattress cleaning in Bristol will enable you to have healthier sleep. After seeing the difference, you’d wonder how was it possible to sleep on this thing. It is recommended to have your mattress cleaned once a year at the very least. Hot water extraction is used for this service.

Sofa cleaning can be performed using both of the methods mentioned above. It depends on the staining and fabric of the furnishing. We will determine the proper method and utilize it in a professional fashion. Your sofa will be clean, dry, and ready to sit on.

Curtains can be cleaned without even being taken down. Professional Bristol cleaners know how to tackle any curtain cleaning and will do it in a professional manner. The spotless result will be easy to notice and feel. Your whole home will feel refreshed just by having those curtains cleaned.

Other Services You Can Choose and Get a Discount

We offer special promotions on booking more than one service. This is why we recommend you to consider: window cleaning, oven cleaning. Ask our representatives about current offers.

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