Professional Oven Cleaners in Bristol

Hire professional oven cleaning in Bristol for results you will be amazed by. Our cleaning service is better because we have established a strict routine that always achieves the best results. The dip-tank method means your oven rack will be soaked with a light grease-removing solution. Oven parts will be dismantled, gas and ceramic hobs cleaned thoroughly, as well as the inner and outer parts of the appliance. Each oven cleaning service comes with a FREE oven liner. Your next meal will be cooked in a healthy and clean oven. Moreover, Bristol Oven Cleaners Information

Fantastic Cleaners Bristol are expert in professional oven cleaning. The method starts by inspecting the condition of the appliance. After that, the oven door and racks will be disassembled, and removable parts like trays, racks, panels, fans, light protectors, control knobs, and extractor filters are taken out. All these are soaked in warm water and detergent. Then, the inside of the oven is thoroughly scrubbed and any residue is scraped off. The outside and top of the oven are wiped clean as well. After assembling the oven back together, the cleaner will test if it’s functioning properly. What we clean:

  • single ovens
  • double ovens
  • Aga cookers, Rayburn Range Cookers, Stanley Range Cookers
  • Warming Drawer
  • extractors
  • oven racks
  • ceramic hobs, gas hobs
  • all removable parts: trays, racks, panels, fans, light protectors, control knobs and extractor filters
  • Upon request: all kitchen appliances

Why Choose Professional Bristol Oven Cleaning Service

We’ve made sure to distinguish each of our services from those offered by the self-employed cowboys. Our solutions are highly professional. When it comes to oven cleaning, each person that is assigned to clients is specially trained to always achieve the desired result. The dip tank soaking method is of the highest quality and the price is fixed.

Our full-dismantling also guarantees an in-detail cleaning, plus the equipment and products we use are of highest quality and are completely home-safe. You may also consider adding upholstery cleaning, window cleaning, or a one-off home clean.

Extractor and Fridge Cleaning, Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

The oven cleaning professionals are taught to deal with extractors as well. All removable parts are taken out, the filters are soaked into a dip tank full of cleaning solution. The body of the extractor is scrubbed and wiped by hand.

Fridges require special care every now and then. We will defrost the appliance. Removable parts are cleaned individually and carefully. Any residue or stains will be gone. The food and parts that were previously removed will be brought back. The fridge will be tested to function properly.

We also offer complete support for commercial kitchens. We have experience in dealing with the most common kinds of appliances in restaurants, cafeteria, burger stands, etc. We clean all commercial appliances such as ranges, fryers, splashbacks, canopies, filters, hoods, floors, walls etc.

Schedule Professional Oven Cleaning in Bristol

Call us on 01172 421333 to set up your arrangement for oven cleaning in Bristol. We offer free, no-obligation quotes and more information about any of our services on request. We are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, and Bank Holidays, so give us a quick call now.

Alternatively, you can use our booking form and a chat facility here on our website. Fill in your details and one of our friendly operators will give you a callback.

  • Latest review:

    “I live on Gravelly Bottom Road, near Kingswood’s Primary School. I hire your services on a fortnightly basis to keep the house and garden clean, and receive a discount for doing so. I’ve never had a problem with your services or the cleaners, and will continue to use as long as the quality of work remains high.”

    Rosemarie Wade, Kingswood



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