Kill Electronics to Increase Productivity

man and woman on their job thinking of social networksMost of our clients are busy people whose schedule often means Fantastic Cleaners Bristol must step in. And while we handle your home’s cleaning, you focus on your job. So, here are our tips to increase your productivity.

Sometimes staying connected all the time can get you disconnected from the real world and significantly reduce your productivity. How do people maintain a comfortable productivity level when you have distractions waiting at every keystroke? It’s a tough one, really, because the Internet has spoiled us. In our search for instant gratification, more or less in the form of cats and videos of people falling, we forget what it means to actually work and accomplish things. If you are a person serious about being productive, then I suggest you learn the following things.

Work with the Wi-Fi off. Surely, you can find something to do on your computer as a task that doesn’t involve the Internet. The best way I’ve found to do them is to turn off the Wi-Fi and concentrate on the task. Yes, some people may feel as though they’re cut from the world and really, the first time I did it felt scary and I didn’t think I would be scared to have no Internet. Anyway, you should understand how hard it is to choose to be productive with the Internet on. Do yourself the favour and change the habit. Starting now.

Phone on silent. I know you will find a way to cheat, even if you do as I say. The phone is the perfect tool to access the Internet is not available and to that I do have to say, place it on silent. This way, you’ll pay no attention to the constant notifications that distract you. The only instance when you should leave its sound is when you’re expecting an important call. Case in point, once I was waiting on a call-back from [X] I left my phone on silent, because honestly, it was a long day so I had no intention to hear ping sounds from Facebook and my mail. What I did forget was that I was waiting for this call, which I missed and well, a long week of headaches as I had to find a new cleaning service provider.

Install site blocking software: You will really thank me for this, because there is nothing quite as restricting as having no access to the websites responsible for your miscreant behaviour. I have tried working with the wi-fi off, but because one or two of the tasks I have to perform rely on me using the Internet for all the possible research, I end up browsing the bad sites one I’m done with the search, which is a real vicious cycle that costs you a lot of patience and money in the future. What I have done is to install website blocking software and list all the sites I should not be on while I work. Voila. You’re one challenge away from being productive.

What are your tricks for dealing with the distractions of the Internet.

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