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Magazine Home: An Achievable Dream

Magazines about homes and interior often represent our hopes and dreams when it comes to where we want to live, but often convince us these are too far out of our reach, because everything you see is too darn expensive. If you pay attention, you will see it. Price tags run too many zeroes for comfort, so the beautiful visions remain unachievable mirages. Though that’s a lie. Honestly, if you wish for your home to ooze luxury, it’s within your grasp.  Continue reading

Add Some Flavour in Your Home in 3 Steps

Boredom ranks as the worst sensation humans have experienced as it can be maddening. Unfortunately, this doesn’t only translate to activities and hobbies, but to places as well. One day you might love your home, but the feeling doesn’t really stay with you and eventually wake up with a home you can’t stand to be in. A fate worse than being bored doing something, because you have to live in your home – complicated, if you find it stale and constricting. What you need is some flavour, but without spending too much on it.

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