Add Some Flavour in Your Home in 3 Steps

Boredom ranks as the worst sensation humans have experienced as it can be maddening. Unfortunately, this doesn’t only translate to activities and hobbies, but to places as well. One day you might love your home, but the feeling doesn’t really stay with you and eventually wake up with a home you can’t stand to be in. A fate worse than being bored doing something, because you have to live in your home – complicated, if you find it stale and constricting. What you need is some flavour, but without spending too much on it.

How do you do this?

I have some easy fixes to improve the situation, but each solution is tailored towards a different demographic, so you might not really find everything quite what you’re looking for. I will start with crafty types, who know how to work with needles and scissors in their spare time. What I’m talking about? Simple. Revive old furniture with new materials the old fashioned way – craft them on. Sew in new patches, sew in beading and additional patterns. This works best with solid colour furniture pieces, which allow for such modifications. Patterned upholstery doesn’t lend itself for further manipulation.

Dabble With Colours

Look at the colour scheme and decide whether you prefer one colour over the other. You can substitute some accents from one colour to another or you can remove one colour entirely, as long as its not present in the furniture. The brain is used to repetitive things and these slight alterations add to a drastic shift in how your room looks, so a bit of shopping can go a long way without mobilizing the whole house.

That Single Best Thing for the Décor

Last but not least, for those who wish to spend even less energy on this, but want a quick result, invest in a signature piece. Most homes play it safe, because it doesn’t seem all that important to buy something purely ornamental for the hell of it when there are so many practical things you can buy or fix instead. This is a common occurrence, yet a fatal one, because one statement piece at the right place can vastly improve how you feel in your home.

Though I have one practical advice to give you – choose a statement piece, which you can clean for example, because there is no greater loss than the purely impractical ornament, which will eventually be placed in the attic, because it causes more than trouble than it’s worth it. When searching for such a piece, you should seek out sturdy design and functionality apart from startling beauty (though you should be mindful of a good aesthetic).

Simple! I hope you had fun with my suggestions and you enjoy your new home.

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