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Tyntesfield – Grace Does Not Age!

A fine Victorian country residence build by one of England’s richest commoners, William Gibbs. A visit to Tyntesfield near Bristol grants snapshots of everyday life spanning from 1844 till our days. The lives of four generations of the Gibbs family and their servants have left an imprint on the buildings and the land itself. The house passed through many different eras in our social, economic and industrial history and each one has left a trace or fragment unique to Tyntesfield.

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Can’t Miss Summer Events from Bristol Green Capital 2015

Artists Project Earth: Films and Videos Dedicated To Preserving The Oceans

Accompanied by the support of Arts Council England, Artists Project Earth have put their best efforts into creating a magnificent and educational presentation involving the oceans, their great importance to humanity’s evolution and the many, very important reasons whhumpback-whale-436120_1280y they should be kept intact. To top things off and create a more realistic surrounding, thanks to a local company, two real-size whales have been sculptured with the help of local people and even 150 school children. The event is free, but donations are welcomed. It is set to happen on the 28th of July near the Rosalind Franklin Theatre, Anchor Road, Harbourside, Cabot.

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3 Interesting Places to Visit in Bristol for Free

Bristol has a lot to offer from a sightseeing perspective. Whether you are looking for a great day out or you want to be amused by monumental architecture and art heritage is up to you. Even if you are the adventures type you can come across some very interesting sights to visit. And the best part of it is that all those amazing spectacles can be experienced free of charge. So here are three completely different from one another sights you can visit and feel for yourself the complex nature and multidimensional spirit that our lovely Bristol has been carrying for centuries.

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