Can’t Miss Summer Events from Bristol Green Capital 2015

Artists Project Earth: Films and Videos Dedicated To Preserving The Oceans

Accompanied by the support of Arts Council England, Artists Project Earth have put their best efforts into creating a magnificent and educational presentation involving the oceans, their great importance to humanity’s evolution and the many, very important reasons whhumpback-whale-436120_1280y they should be kept intact. To top things off and create a more realistic surrounding, thanks to a local company, two real-size whales have been sculptured with the help of local people and even 150 school children. The event is free, but donations are welcomed. It is set to happen on the 28th of July near the Rosalind Franklin Theatre, Anchor Road, Harbourside, Cabot.

Bristol’s Sports Day

On the 1st of August, all Bristolians and everyone visiting for that matter will have the chance to be part of a one of a kind sports venue. Bristol’s Sports Day will focus on mainstreaming the importance of healthy lifestyle, which benefits greatly from regular sports or other physical activity. There are going to be wide range of activities, from team sports like football, basketball, lacrosse to more fun ones like stand up paddle boarding, body balance and even traditional ones – egg and spoon races. Everyone can find something unique to try or practice a beloved sport. The event is supported by a local health organisation which will perform check-ups completely free of charge. All of this is without fee and is happening at the College Green.

Solar Balloon Launching

This is a definite can’t miss event, as between the 6th and 9th of August at the Ashton Court Estate, Cameron Balloons is going to assemballoon-232790_1280ble and launch the first ever modern solar balloon. Alongside him, balloon enthusiasts can enjoy either the ride or view of other balloons part of the annual Bristol International Balloon Fiesta.




Fair in The Square

bicycle-829070_1280To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the National Cycle Network in Bristol, Sustrans, a charity organisation, has set up a fair for all cycling fans. It’s a family event so you definitely can bring your little ones to enjoy either their first bike rides or to have them checked free of charge. The organizers have planned various activities around the idea of eco-friendly transportation accompanied with great music. The event is topped off by a magical presentation called Lullaby Ride, where many bike riders have placed LED lights on their bikes and some have kitted them with audio equipment playing soft lullaby music through the Bristol’s streets at children’s bedtime.


RedFest Bristol 2015

At last, but not least Bristol’s own Redfest. An annual event taking place in East Bristol each year’s August. A place reserved for the artistic soul, RedFest is the by-product of free volunteer work of the many who have understood art is vital for the preservation of culture and community. It’s an event which sole purpose is to nurture and at the same time provide the spark needed for the development of local artists and craftsmen. RedFest is an opportunity to either have a major contribution to Bristol’s art scene or to have fun and exhibit high-quality art expositions. As everything else this year in Bristol, the RedFest is also under the slogan Green Capital.

To cap this off, in 2015, we have the unique opportunity to reap the fruits of our great Bristol’s achievement to be the first UK city to win the prestigious Green Capital of Europe Award. We, as proud Bristolians, have the chance to be part of the great effort put up by our fellow citizens and businesses to create Britain’s most livable, healthiest and happiest city.

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