3 Interesting Places to Visit in Bristol for Free

Bristol has a lot to offer from a sightseeing perspective. Whether you are looking for a great day out or you want to be amused by monumental architecture and art heritage is up to you. Even if you are the adventures type you can come across some very interesting sights to visit. And the best part of it is that all those amazing spectacles can be experienced free of charge. So here are three completely different from one another sights you can visit and feel for yourself the complex nature and multidimensional spirit that our lovely Bristol has been carrying for centuries.

Create Centre

Bristol Create Centre

Image Source: Crabchick on Flickr

The aim of the Create Centre is to inform and educate about environmental issues. It’s not the easiest to find, set beside the canal by one of the old Bristol Warehouses, but you can reach the centre by bike, bus or ferry as well as by car. The Create Centre is open on certain Saturdays so check the website for event details and it features an a purpose built show-home with practical ideas for greener living. There are also regular exhibitions which cover Green issues.

City Farms

Get down on the farm in the heart of the city at St Werburgh’s City Farm. It’s a working farm that is also a thriving community project offering work experience and training for local people. On the farm visitors can see sheep, goats, chickens and pigs which are reared for meat that is sold locally and there’s an award winning cafe next to the childrens’ playground that serves , organic and locally grown food wherever possible. On the south side of you can visit Windmill City Farm that was started by local volunteers in 1976 to put a patch of wasteland to better use. Now you can see farmyard animals, kids can play in the adventure playground and there’s a cafe serving home-made food where you can buy eggs from the hens and ducks. Both the city farms are free but donations are appreciated.

John Wesley Chapel

Tucked away in the middle of the Broadmead shopping area you could easily hurry past the John Wesley Chapel, known as The New Room, on your way to Boots or Marks & Spencer. Walk through the small paved courtyard with benches and espaliered fruit trees and you will enter the oldest Methodist Chapel in the world, built in 1739. TheNew room chapel is beautifully simple and open with wooden benches and galleries and was founded by the preacher, John Wesley, one of the leaders of the Methodist religious movement. Upstairs above the chapel are several rooms which are laid out with information about John Wesley and his brother and show where he slept and worked. Entry is free although donations are welcome for the upkeep of the chapel.

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