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Magazine Home: An Achievable Dream

Magazines about homes and interior often represent our hopes and dreams when it comes to where we want to live, but often convince us these are too far out of our reach, because everything you see is too darn expensive. If you pay attention, you will see it. Price tags run too many zeroes for comfort, so the beautiful visions remain unachievable mirages. Though that’s a lie. Honestly, if you wish for your home to ooze luxury, it’s within your grasp.  Continue reading

Add Some Flavour in Your Home in 3 Steps

Boredom ranks as the worst sensation humans have experienced as it can be maddening. Unfortunately, this doesn’t only translate to activities and hobbies, but to places as well. One day you might love your home, but the feeling doesn’t really stay with you and eventually wake up with a home you can’t stand to be in. A fate worse than being bored doing something, because you have to live in your home – complicated, if you find it stale and constricting. What you need is some flavour, but without spending too much on it.

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Habits You Need to Change to Manage Time Better

Life is busy now, isn’t? Adults around the world will nod their heads in appreciation of this universal truth. You enter into adulthood, so you’re charged with taking care of your life and eventually the lives of your family. Doesn’t sound quite as pleasant when you think of it and what you come face to face every day is a nigh infinite number of things to do and not nearly enough time to complete them. So what’s missing? A proper approach to understanding how you should be living against how you think you should be doing it. I will touch upon the habits you need to change in order to use the time you have wiser. Continue reading

The Office Worker’s Survival Guide to Big Projects

survival-guide-book-half-open-thumbs-upAs a professional office lurker I know of the pits and dangers, everyone faces when they join a firm or company dealing. It doesn’t matter what organization you join. Be ready to experience what everyone dreads in the cubicle jungle – big, bad projects. The kind that huffs and puffs, until chairs remain empty and those unfortunate assemble new CVs and begin the journey to new habitats. Those who do survive are often left scarred and exhausted, left alone to recharge until the next projects makes its way through the corporate calender. Oh my. Quite dismal now, isn’t it.

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Achieve Ultimate Balance Between Work and Home

Why is Monday the scariest day of the week for so many of us? Because we’re reminded we have to go back to the real world, earn money and forget about fun in the general sense – cause work, that’s why. There’s a pretty good reason why this is. We devote more time and energy on our work and completely ignore the fact there is a balance between your inner and public lives. You can’t give 100% at work, unless you nurture yourself and you nurture yourself when you nurture the balance between private and work life. Many think they have nailed this balance, but the truth is severely different. Continue reading

Fight Burnout Before It Happens

Burnout is hottest new word on the block. If it lands on your lips, you know you’re in trouble – mental and physical trouble that is. Doctors will shake their head at you like a disapproving aunt should you get yourself to a state of burnout and the worst thing about burnouts – you don’t need to commit self-emulation to get one. Usually it creeps on you like that guy at the office you don’t really like to exchange words with, but who considers your friendship as the Holy Grail of social interaction. That’s how a burnout is. So, the common sense dictates the following – don’t get it. Continue reading

True Facts About Time Management

Time management has earned a reputation for itself. You can hear whispers about in the darkest corners of coffee houses and offices. Everyone has quite a lot to say about it, but few have actually managed to put its principles into practice. Those who succeed in time management are regarded as deviants who dabble in the dark arts and if the Inquisition had been a thing right now, we would sign them for an afternoon burning (the screaming bonfires look most romantic during sunset). What awakens our wrath against time management and its practitioners?

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Kill Electronics to Increase Productivity

man and woman on their job thinking of social networksMost of our clients are busy people whose schedule often means Fantastic Cleaners Bristol must step in. And while we handle your home’s cleaning, you focus on your job. So, here are our tips to increase your productivity. Continue reading